How I stopped forgetting things

As we have more and more things to remember and to think about, it becomes crucial to have the right tools and the right process to ensure that you can handle a large number of tasks and projects. The goal being :

- your peace of mind (you shouldn’t remember about things, the system does it for you),
- of mind for your coworkers (they know that when they tell you something once, you won’t forget)
- compose a “menu” of items to work in which you can pick things when you feel like to work
- prevent multitasking : you work on only one item and if something pops up, you know the system will remind you of it at a better time

I’m looking for improvements, so I would be glad to know what is your process. Here is mine:

Conversations, and random things that come to mind

I note down every idea, task, suggestion, reference, on is synced a with my browser through an extension
When working on my computer I regularly take a tomato or two go through the list of things that i noted there.

- if the thing takes less than 2 minutes, i do it immediately (taken from the GTD method)
- if it takes more
- and is something to read, or a video, i put it in Pocket to read it later
- and is personal, I put it in Trello that uses the kanban method where every element is hierarchized and comes with reminders if necessary
- and is professional
- and is code related, i put it on Github, generally as an issue
- and is not code related, i put it on Asana, where i belong to teams and projects.


I try to end every day with an empty inbox. For this I treat mails like items from (with the 2 minutes rule and the read/personal/professional classification), with some additional tweaks:
- if I want to react to the mail at a specific moment, I use boomerang so that the mail is sent to me again at a predefined time.
- I turn emails into actions on Gmail with the chrome extension.
- I activated Gmail Labs and am using tons of features, among them:
- keyboard shortcuts, to go faster
- multiple inbox with additional inboxes corresponding to labels. When I receive a mail that I want to keep around I add the label to it and archive it .
- smartlabels, to prioritize mail and avoid getting flooded by notification (notifications go to a dedicated inbox)

I also recently started to use Streak, but I’m not satisfied yet.


Sometimes you open tons of tabs while working on something and want to keep them all around. I save my browser sessions thematically using tabcloud and open them again when needed.


I note down every event in a Google Agenda and receive every morning a sum up of the events of the day thanks to Sunrise.

Bonus : the good point of using tools for all this, is that you can get notifications and analytics from them, in order to have a better overview of your work process and productivity. For this I use the awesome hojoki, and the buggy, but promising archify.